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Red Silk Fabric With Diamante Stones

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This is a large piece of fabric that has been made into a really large table covering used for a wedding.

The table top measures and it has a small frill all the way around measuring 13cm.

This was used once and is in excellent condition there is enough fabric to repurpose and use for something else if needed.
188 x 144 without the frill at longest point, the fabric steps in so it t more of a square with inset corners and then a frill.

2 of the corners have small holes which will need repairing but are not obviously noticeable. These can be repaired easily.

The fabric used for this is very expensive purchased at over £35 a metre. It is embellished with sparkling diamante stones each of which is hand stitched on.

It is soft and can easily be used to make something else, it would look great as a dress.

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