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Multi Coloured Bag Of Organza Voile

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This is a collection of plain organza voile left over from a project. Colours in this lot are red, gold and blue.

The red and gold are mostly strips of about 27 cm wide fabric in varying lengths.

The blue is uncut and there is approximately almost 14 metres of this split across three pieces

Measures :

Red 1 x 28cm wide 2.6 metres

Red 1x 27cm wide x 2.8 metres

Red 1 x 27cm wide x 2.6 metres

Red 27 cm x 3 metres

Rec 1x 27cm x 3.4 metres

Gold 1 x 27cm x 2 metres

Gold 1 x 27 x 2.2 metres

Gold 1x 27 x 1.6 metres

Blue 150cm x 3.25 metres

Blue 150cm x 5.6 metres

Blue 150cm x 5 metres

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