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About Us

Who are we?

We are an environmentally conscious company primarily selling clothing that is preloved or would have been destined for landfill. If it can’t be worn in its current state then we upcycle the fabric to either make bags, gift wrap or bunting amongst other things. In short we want to keep what it in the marketplace circulating.

Our journey started after some time ago after a family wedding, it was a bit of an eye opener to see how much people will pay for clothes and then abandon them  after a single wear because they didn't want to be seen in the same outfit again. When you look at the Indian clothing market some outfits cost hundreds and then get discarded after been worn once.

Having done this myself we realised how detrimental this was both on my pocket and the environment. Fast fashion as it is known has increased massively, fashion has become very disposable partly due to easier accessibility and automation.  As a result it is rapidly becoming one of the world's most polluting industries. As consumers we are far too quick to to discard clothing just because it has been worn once or twice.

An average item of clothing is classed as fast fashion when it is generally worn less than 7 times, with these outfits it is rare for them to be worn so much so I chose to offer the option of selling them on to someone else to be worn again and again.

All of the above prompted Indian Suit Company’s journey.

Our aim is to give these clothes, fabrics and trimming a second life.

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